Murder2 movie review – Movie Review of Murder 2

Murder 2 movie review

Murder 2, a classic thriller film is to be released on 8th of July, Friday. Murder 2 is a sequel of the then very famous movie ‘Murder’. The movie showcases hot favorite actress ‘Jacqueline Fernandez’ and the well known serial kisser ‘Emraan Hashmi’. Song of murder 2 has been loved by all class of people and they have been awarded 3/5 stars by most the critics and newspapers.

murder 2


Mahesh Bhatt; producer of the movie has made it sure to make it an erotic thriller movies with lots of hot scenes. Mahesh Bhatt claims that; though the movie has lots of adult scenes it will definitely provide a social message to help women. Emraan and Jacqueline the star cast of this movie has made brilliant efforts to bring in real effects and feelings in the movie. Murder 2 showcases the story of women who hock their body in desperate need of money and their life, but eventually face a problem in meeting both the needs.

Arjun an ex-cop in the movie struggles to survive due to shortage of money and gets involved with a Goan gangster for some illegal stuff. Being an ex-cop; Arjun is given the job to investigate over the running away of most of the hookers working for the gangster. While investigating; Arjun falls in love with the actress and the main scene starts. Most of the things don’t work according to the plans and the villain gets out of the jail. Will Arjun be able to save his lover is the biggest climax of the movie

Role of both Emraan and Jacqueline has made it even more thrilling and the climax is also one of the best scenes in the movie. The entire star cast has taken various efforts in making it a real thriller movie with the added efforts of director ‘Mohit Suri’. This movie will definitely provide the viewers a thrilling experience.