An Unforgettable Story

Ghajini starring Amir Khan, Asin Thottumkal, Jiah Khan and Pradeep Rawat released in 2008. Based on the Hollywood movie ‘Memento,’ Ghajini is a romantic action thriller directed by Murugadoss. The film became the highest grossing movie for 2008. It also gained a lot of publicity because Amir spent a year preparing for this role by working on his body and achieving eight pack abdominals.

Ghajini The movie is about a business tycoon, Sanjay Singhania (Amir) who develops anterograde amnesia due to certain circumstances. He owns a successful advertising firm and falls in love with a simple hearted bubbly model Kalpana (Asin.) Sanjay doesn’t tell Kaplana who he is and pretends to be a middle class guy named Sachin. He proposes to her and says if she agrees he’ll tell her the truth otherwise he’ll go away from her life without telling her who he really is.

Kalpana accepts the proposal but before they could get married she gets killed by Ghajini Dharmatma (Pradeep) who breaks into her apartment with his goons. Kalpana had earlier rescued twenty five young girls, who ‘belonged’ to Ghajini, from being sold off as prostitutes and organ donors in a train to Goa. Sanjay also arrives at the apartment and tries to save Kalpana but gets hit on the head with an iron rod and hence develops anterograde amnesia.

When he gains consciousness he sees a dying Kalpana whose last word was Ghajini. Sanjay thereafter dedicates his life to finding Ghajini and wants revenge. With Dr. Sunita’s (Jiah) help he finds Ghajini and kills him. Sunita is a medical student who studies Sanjay’s case and is also the only friend Sanjay had left. The film received positive reviews from critics worldwide for the strong performances of the lead actors and the good music score by A.R. Rehman.