Chillar Party Movie Review – Movie Review of Chillar party

Chillar Party Movie Review

Chillar Party a fun packed movie for children is directed by talented directors Nitesh Tiwary and Vikas Bahl. The film is co-produced by UTV Spot boy and Salman Khan and the music is given by the Aisha, Dev D, Iktara (Wake Up Sid) etc fame music director Amit Trivedi. Now coming on the preview part of the movie, Chillar party is a story of bunch of small but energetic kids who leads a happy-go-lucky and blithe life. These kids have a ball of a time after school in Chandan Nagar colony, Mumbai where they reside.

The kids have played very interesting characters in the movie. Shaolin, Silencer, Encyclopedia, second hand, panuati, aflatoon and Akram are the name given to the kids, now you will have to go and watch the movie to find out why such names are given to the characters. This will be quite interesting.

There are two other characters Fatka which is played by Irfan Khan and Bheedu which is a dog. Fatka and bheedu becomes very good friends of the chillar party i.e. the bachha log of Chandan Nagar Colony. Fatka is a poor guy who stays in a scrap car i.e.’ Khatara car’. Bheedu is a full time companion of Fatka and stays with him in the khatara car.

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Chillar Party

The life of the bachha log becomes tensed when a mean politician becomes a threat to Fatka’s life. The chillar party together fights with bad politician and shows the world that even small kids i.e. chote bachhe have the capability to do something.

UTV Spot Boy has released lots of film which gives strong social message for example No One killed Jessica, Dev D etc. Chillar Party is one such movie which is expected to do very well.