Awaara Awaara directed and produced by Raj Kapoor released in 1951, is regarded as one of the best classics in Indian cinema.

The multi star cast consists of Prithviraj Kapoor, Nargis, Raj Kapoor,Leela Chitnis, K.N. Singh and Shashi Kapoor. It was written by Khwaja Ahmad Abbas and V.P. Sathe. The movie had songs by Shankar-Jaikishan like “awara hoon”, “jab se balam ghar aaye”, “jab se balam ghar aaye” and “dum bhar jo udhar mun phere”.

The movie’s story is about a wealthy district judge Raghunath (Prithviraj) and his wife Leela (Leela). Leela gets kidnapped and eventually gets rescued. But after her rescue she is found pregnant. Her husband accuses her of having an illicit relationship and throws her out of the house. She gives birth to their son Raju (Raj) who grows up in the slums and extreme poverty. In his childhood Raju makes a friend Rita (Nargis) in school but has to quit his education as he has to work.

Raju loves Rita even as an adult. He turns into a criminal by committing himself in petty thefts. He comes across Jagga (K.N. Singh). Raju considers Jagga as a father but realizes he’s the man who was responsible for his parents’ separation. He kills Jagga and tries to kill his father too. But is captured and presented in court.

In a chance encounter he comes across a grown up Rita when he snatches her purse to steal her car for a bank robbery. Rita is an established lawyer now and defends Raju for the murder of Jagga. In court Rita blames the Judge and society responsible for making Raju the man that he has become. Moved by Rita’s speech, Raghunath claims Raju as his child. Raju is then sentenced for three years and Rita promises that she’ll wait for him.