Interview with Nihal Kiran Dalwai upcoming Actor

Interview  with Nihal Kiran Dalwai
Actor/ Director


1. Tell me about your Bollywood movie?
Ans: Its a Horror movie based on paranormal activities, inspired from real life experiences.

2. Is it someway continuation or related to your short movie “Monsoon Rains”?
Ans: No way. It is not related to Monsoon Rains and it is a totally different subject.

3. Why did u choose this subject?
Ans. It is a unique subject which very few people explore. I find it very interesting. I think there is a parallel world of spirits running. I want to show it in a different and a natural way.

4. What is the title of your movie?
Ans: I will soon announce the title of the movie. It is under approval. And it is a very interesting name.

5. Do you believe in Paranormal Activities?
Ans: Yes I do believe. Though I have not experienced my self, but I have heard a lot from many people. And I am also working with people who are paranormal experts.

6. Are you doing any research on this subject?
Ans: Yes, as I said I m taking real life experiences of people who have gone through it and also working with few paranormal experts.

7. What stage is your movie in and when do u plan to start the shoot?
Ans: As of now we are in Pre-production. We are working on finances, research and casting. Shoot is going to start soon in 2 months.

8. What is your star cast?
Ans: Basically I am looking for good actors and mostly new. There are also few known great actors, will announce once they sign the contract.

9. Where is the shoot going to happen?
Ans: shoot will be happening in Mumbai itself. We have zeroed on few locations.

10. Apart from Paranormal movies what kind of subjects you want to do?
Ans: I want to do Romantic movies with great songs. Also would love to do action, thrillers, suspense and comedy. Even underworld subjects excite me.